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What Two Door Open Eyelash Packaging Do We Have?

Eyelash Packaging Boxes of Skiilashes, manufactured based on high quality materials, advanced technology, reasonable structure, excellent performance, stable quality, and long-lasting durability. It is a reliable product which is widely recognized in the market.

Nowadays, a lot of customers are choosing Door Open Lashes Boxes , here are some beautiful designs we are producing .

door open lash boxes

Door Open Lash Boxes with Private Label

Holographic Eyelash Packaging

Holographic Eyelash Packaging Door Open Design

Marble Design Eyelash Door Packaging

Marble Design Eyelash Door Packaging

Pink Marble Eyelash Packaging

Pink Marble Lash Packaging Print Logo

Two Door Open Black Eyelash Boxes with Private Label

Two Door Open Black Eyelash Boxes with Private Label

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New Products 20MM Mink Lashes Released!!!

Have recommended our hot-selling 20mm Mink Lashes Styles of DM styles before, we have launched a new model 20mm DX Mink Eyelashes these days.

It is more soft and flexible.

Firstly, I’d like to introduce out best selling lash styles,20MM DX02.20mm mink lashes wholesale

20MM Mink Lashes Vendor 

And then, the DX07 also sell well. it mixes short and long mink hairs to make the wholelashes more beautiful and charming .mink lashes wholesale

Fluffy Real Mink Lashes Wholesale USA

DX09 is a good choice for almost customers , it is more natural .

fluffy mink lashes

Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors New York

At last, don’t forget our DX12 styles. some custmers like these fluffy lashes best, cuz those lashes give them a dramatic look.20mm mink lashes

Dramatic 3D Mink Lashes Vendor Custom Lash Box Manufacturer

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Are You Ready for Halloween Promotion of Your Lash Business?

Halloween is coming, the selling season also followed, do you have any plans for your Lash Business ? Some customers may have ideas of their Hollowen Lash Packaging , some customers may rack their brains to figure out their lash business for Halloween Promotion. We have a design team can help you to creat your unique logo and beautiful Eyelash Packaging with Halloween Design. 

Halloween Eyelash Boxes

Halloween Mink Lashes Packaging with Private Logo 

Halloween Pumpkin Eyelash Packaging 

Custom Eyelash Halloween Boxes

Halloween Ghost Lash Boxes with Custom Logo

Halloween Lash Packaging

Halloween Mummy Eyelash Packaging Mink Lashes Wholesaler 

Mink Lashes Vendor Custom Halloween Lash Box Print Logo 

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What Custom Eyelash Packaging Do We Have?

Skiilashes aim to supply the best Mink Lashes and make beautiful Eyelash Packaging , let our customers’ business be successful and make more money .

Except boxes on our catalogue, we can customized variety Lash Packagings , different shapes, different themes,

We have a professional design team can help customers to designer their unique logo and lash boxes for FREE.

customized eyelash boxes

Customized Cartoon Eyelash Boxes Print Logo  

Normal magnetic lash boxes is available to be made, and we can also gold stamping the designs on the boxes.

gold pringting lash boxes

Gold Stamping Custom Lash Boxes 

we also have door open eyelash packaging for your reference.

door eyelash boxes

Door Open Custom Eyelash Packaging with Private Label 

Besides those types, square lash packaging is a new choice.

square lash packaging

Square Eyelas Packaging with Custom Logo

Some customers may want two pairs lash boxes, here it is !!

eyelash books

Custom Two Pairs Lash Books

All custom lash boxes are available to order, our lash packaging meet the needs of different requirements of customers.

 lash packaging with ribbon

Window Lash Packaging with Ribbon

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Hot Selling Eyelash Cardboard Packaging in 2020!!!

Skiilashes is a professional Mink Lash Vendor and Custom Lashes Packaging Supplier, besides normal Magenetic Lash Packaging, we Eyelash Cardboard Boxes also available to order.

 eyelash cardboard

Lash Pop Custom Eyelash Cardboard Packaging  

The shape of cardboard is changeable,except candy theme, we can also do heart theme.

heart shape lash boxes

Heart Theme Lash Packaging with Private Label 

We also have cell phone theme cardboard packaging.

cell phone lash packaging

Cell Phone Custom Lash Cardboard Packaging

Golden Stamping skill is also accepatale to be made on the box.

lash cardboard

Pink Cardboard Lash Packaging with Golden Stamp 

Any colors can be made with custom lash cardboard order, can we can also do golden stamping skills on the side of the boxes

lash cardboard

Eyelash Packaging with Crown Theme

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Plastic Bag Lash Packaging Released!!!

Skiilashes is a professional Real Mink Eyelashes and Custom Lash Packaging Vendor, recently we launched a kind of Lash Packaging Which we call it Lash Packaging Bags.

eyelash custom bags

Colorful Plastic Lash Bag Packaging

The Holographic Lash Bags is attractive, it is fashionable and a lot ot customers first choice.holographic lash bags

Holographic Lash Packaging

We also have pink color lash bags that can hold 1 pair lashes, 1 eyelash tweezer and 1 lash glue.
eyelash bags

Pink Lash Packaging Bags

We can also put one Eyelash Box and one Eyelash Liner Glue in that Box.
lash bag packaging


Eyelash Plastic Packaging Pack

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Mobile Phone Design Eyelash Packaging !!

 Custom Eyelash Packaging similar to a mobile phone is very popular, we call it a mobile Phone Box or Phone Packaging or Phone Case,we have professional design team can customized your unique boxe with logo.

pink cell phone lash boxes

Pink Cell Phone Eyelash Packaging with Private Label

minimum order quantity only 30 pcs for custom box with your own logo.cell phone lash cases

Custom Eyelash Phone Cases with Rose Gold Glitter Inside

we can also use a Holograpic Lash Case to make a cell phone design on eyelash packaging

Holographic Cell Phone Lash Boxes

our production is about 4-6 business days, and almost customers feedback well, they sell fast and make profit.

cell phone lash boxes

Custom Lash Packaging with Cell Phone Pringting 


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How to Promote Lash Business?

Skiilashes is a professional Real Mink Eyelashes and Custom Lash Packaging Vendor, we aim to supply the Best Mink Lashes and make Beautiful Lash Boxes, let our customers be successful in lash business.

1.Create a social media post. You can also tag, DM, or leave your client a comment with a congratulatory message.heart shape lash packaging

 Heart Shape Custom Eyelash Packaging with Private Logo 

2.Give discount based on order quantity, cusotmers order more, the price could be more valuable.eyelash packaging

Pink Butterfly Lash Boxes with Pink Glitter 

3.Give them a tweezer or meaningful gift after their next service. Tell them how much you appreciate them.

black lash boxes

Black Lash Packging Printing Customized Logo

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Why Choose 3 Pairs Lash Book?

Skiilashes is professional Mink Eyelash Vendors of high quality eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes Manufacturer

1 pair lash Packaging is a classic one for customers’ choise, but a lot customers would like a Custom Lash Box that can hold more lashes in one box,

now, we have Lash Books for 3 Pairs Mink Lashes.

eyelash book

3 Pairs Lash Book with Private Label 

eyelash books

Lashwood Custom Lash Book Wholesales USA

custom eyelash boxes

Pink Butterfly Holographic Lash Packaging Pringting Logo

lash packaging

Lash Boxes with Logo with Window with Private Logo

custom eyelash packaging

Dripping Lash Boxes with Logo with Window

3 pairs lash book

Butterfly Dripping Lash Books Wholesale 

lash packaging wih window

Marble Lash Book with Window 

lash book with window

Dollar Money 3 Paurs Lash Packaging   

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Why Our Cutom Lash Glues with Good Quality?

The Eyelash Glue is an important applicator when you need to put an Mink Eyelashes on,  The glue needs to dry for seconds.

Our Lash Glues are latex free and waterproof with strong stickness, and they are easily removable , a lot of customers ordered and have great reviews of it.

We can also print with you own logo or brand name.

Good Guality Custom Latex Free Lash Glues Wholesale

lash glue white

Latex Free Eyelash Glue 

lash glue eyelash

Eyelash Glue with Private Logo 

eyelash glue

Lash Glue Easily Removable 

lashes glue

Black Lash Glue with Custom Logo