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Hot Selling Eyelash Cardboard Packaging in 2020!!!

Skiilashes is a professional Mink Lash Vendor and Custom Lashes Packaging Supplier, besides normal Magenetic Lash Packaging, we Eyelash Cardboard Boxes also available to order.

 eyelash cardboard

Lash Pop Custom Eyelash Cardboard Packaging  

The shape of cardboard is changeable,except candy theme, we can also do heart theme.

heart shape lash boxes

Heart Theme Lash Packaging with Private Label 

We also have cell phone theme cardboard packaging.

cell phone lash packaging

Cell Phone Custom Lash Cardboard Packaging

Golden Stamping skill is also accepatale to be made on the box.

lash cardboard

Pink Cardboard Lash Packaging with Golden Stamp 

Any colors can be made with custom lash cardboard order, can we can also do golden stamping skills on the side of the boxes

lash cardboard

Eyelash Packaging with Crown Theme


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