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New Full 7D Mink Lashes Released!

We are excited to share the release of Skiilashes’s brand new false lashes in the 7D Mink, 7D Faux Mink Lashes collection. The new collection has been reviewed and tested to the utter most perfection to suit your everyday make up needs.

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7D Mink Lashes are created to give your eyes a amazing blossoming pop! Designed with lightweight mink hair to create a perfectly dramatic finish on top of your fluffy lash.

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This iconic 7D lashes are designed with a combination of short and long Mink Hair to create a subtle natural blend to your natural lash hair. Crafted into natural perfection for those who wants to add a little drama into their make up look.

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Our 7D26  Mink Lashes are designed for comfort and ease, made with softer hair and thinner black bands to create an extremely lightweight feature for your eyes.mink lashes



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