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Why Buy High-Quality Eyelashes

Why Buy High-Quality Eyelashes

If you want to start your own eyelash line, you must choose high-quality mink lashes.
If you choose the cheapest product, your brand will lose credibility.
SKII lashes suggest that you don’t waste time, according to experience, 90% of people will fail!
If you still want to do it, you will only waste your money and time.

diy eyelash packaging
                DIY Eyelash Packaging

1. Sample eyelashes are different from wholesale order eyelashes
Many lower-quality eyelash sellers are selling high-quality lashes for the first time.
But if you continue to buy their eyelashes, they will make money with substandard eyelashes instead.

wholesale mink lashes and packaging
  Wholesale Mink Lashes Box

2. Low quality eyelash suppliers mix real and substandard lashes for sale
The cost of high grade mingray eyelash is too tall, a lot of eyelash distributors are consumed in order to reduce cost, mix good eyelash and bad eyelash sell together, the customer is not professional and cannot see distinction, after besmear eyelash only, can know quality to have distinction, dress has difference.

eyelash wholesale vendor
   Eyelash Wholesale Vendor

3. All cheap eyelash products are for sale and the seller is not responsible
Many eyelash dealers who sell inferior lashes do not have after-sales service.
After the product sales, has nothing to do with the customer, is not responsible for the customer’s problems. Cause customer loss, cause buyer loss

wholesale mink lash vendors
  Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors

Why SKII Eyelashes

Your Professional Eyelash Manufacturer.

  1. years of experience for OEM and ODM manufacture
  2. top grade material 100% mink fur Handmade Eyelashes only
  3. atrict quality standard, QC inspection over all procedure
  4. Custom Packages,private label and lashes for you
  5. Factory Price, large factory, big stock, fast delivery 100 000 pair per month
  6. 24 hours service, you can contact us at anytime.
  7. Our 3D Mink Eyelashes are handmade,the most skilled workers can only do 10 pairs one day. Each pair of eyelashes is crafted, so It can guarantee that the quality of our 3d mink lashes is no problem.
  8. Raw materials we use the longest hairs on the tail of the mink, the peaks are very long, there are no cuts, no hair follicles and hair tips, it will not can’t look unnatural. Our mane is Cruelty free and is mainly collected during the hair removal of the mink.


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