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5 Facts About Mink Lashes you Ought to know About!

1. Mink Lashes are perfect for you to wear in any event

No matter the event you are attending, whether it be a night out or just simply hanging out with your friends, mink lashes are perfect to make your eyes pop dramatically!

2. Mink EyeLashes are able to make your natural eyelashes stronger

Mink lashes would prevent you from using too much mascara or curlers which would damage your natural eyelashes.

Thus, wearing mink lashes as an alternatively could help the need to use damaging products on your natural lash line.

25mm mink lashes
             3D Mink Eyelashes

3. They come in various sizes and shapes

False lashes are now designed to match any eye shapes, many brands have dedicated to provide consumers with a growing number of innovative styles to cater to everyone’s needs. 

4. Mink Lash Extensions are available for you to wear for days

Using eyelashes would lessen your worries in applying them daily since you have the convenience of having them on for a couple of weeks.

25mm Eyelashes Vendor
            25mm Mink Lashes

5. Always apply with caution

To be noted,  lash glues might consist of specific chemicals that only a professional could apply them so that they would not harm your eyes.

If the adhesive comes in contact into your eye, quickly wash it out with warm water and contact your physician. Be sure to use an adhesive remover when removing the falsies safely from your eyes.

Lash Glue
                Eyelash Glue


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