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How To Wash Mink Eyelashes?

How To Wash Mink Eyelashes?

Can mink eyelashes be washed? I believe this is a question that many beautiful young ladies buying mink eyelashes want to ask. Some inferior eyelashes cannot be washed because they will stick together and lose the fluffy effect after washing, But SKII eyelashes are a 3D mink eyelash vendors, and the eyelashes can be washed many times. After washing and drying, they can return to their original soft, fluffy and beautiful state .
First, how to test the difference of eyelashes and choose high-quality mink eyelashes?

We ran a test to see if our luxurious eyelashes would maintain the best frizz when wet. In the end, we found that our luxurious 3D marten was ready to swim!

We wipe the eyelashes in a destructive way, then put them in water and stir them. After the eyelashes are completely saturated, we remove them and put them on dry paper.

To our surprise, the eyelashes returned to their original shape!

But for other mink manufacturers, our ordinary eyelashes have failed the test.

eyelash packaging wholesale
eyelash packaging wholesale

Secondly, what causes some eyelashes to be washed off while others are not?

1. Technology.

To save time and money, most fake eyelash wholesale factories choose the easiest way to make curly hair effects and 3D effects. Sometimes they use chemical liquids to disrupt the structure of the mink, creating a curling effect and a 3D effect. good results.
2. Production speed.

Some false eyelash suppliers, in order to pursue the production speed of eyelashes, use physical methods to make curly eyelashes, and use chemicals to greatly reduce the production time of eyelashes, but the curling of eyelashes will rebound, especially after water

eyelash vendors wholesale
eyelash vendors wholesale

Third, what are the benefits of creating eyelashes that cause differences?

1. Reduce the cost of 3D mink eyelashes

Normally, curling of high-quality eyelashes requires physical methods. Many processes are performed manually to maintain the curl of the eyelashes. This is very time consuming and labor intensive. SKII eyelashes use this process, but when using chemical liquids to produce mink, it is easy to curl hair and it is easy to buy cheap chemical liquids.

custom eyelash boxes manufacturer
custom eyelash boxes manufacturer

2.Save production time

When they use chemical liquids to produce 3d mink eyelashes, they shape the eyelashes in a short period of time and thus produce too many eyelashes.

eyelashes packaging box
eyelashes packaging box

3. Produce more 3D mink eyelashes

When they use chemical liquids to produce 3d mink eyelashes, they shape the eyelashes in a short period of time and thus produce too many eyelashes. Physically making eyelashes takes a lot of time because physical methods don’t make eyelashes curl at one time, but require many processes.

4. Make more money,

They think that the more eyelashes you sell, the more money you get.

But in fact, this is a wrong view. We then tested the market and found that customers wanted to choose affordable mink eyelashes instead of ordinary mink eyelashes.

Fourth, what happens if you buy them?

Hurt your eyes

These chemicals leave stains on the surface of the mink, and when wet, they mix with water and cause chemical reactions.

If you do not bring an umbrella on a rainy day, it will be very dangerous. Chemical-laden rainwater can enter your eyes and hurt them.
2. If you are still selling this chemical eyelashes, you will lose customers

If it happens, it will ruin your eyelash business. As a result, you will lose customers and business.

Therefore, if you find that 3D mink false eyelashes are chemical false eyelashes, it will be a serious matter, you should test and replace the wholesale 3D mink false eyelashes supplier.

eyelash packaging boxes manufacturers
eyelash packaging boxes manufacturers

Five, how to choose the right washable luxury mink eyelashes?

If you want to choose good quality eyelashes that can be washed, you can ask the supplier about their eyelash product technology at the time of purchase. You can watch a video about the production process of eyelashes, whether it is made by physical purchase. Ensure the quality of your lashes, then choose your favorite lash style and lash length. If you are concerned that you cannot judge accurately, we can help you, if you need, please contact us! !! !!

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