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The Correct Paste False Eyelashes, So That Your Eyes Instantly Magnified Numerous Times

False eyelashes are some of the favorite MM, because the false eyelashes instantly enlarge the effect of the eye, but many MM will not stick false eyelashes, then I give you false eyelashes paste method, I hope can help everyone .








Step 1
1 first with three-section folder method eyelash curled out of curvature, so as to avoid and false eyelashes curvature can not be integrated. The details of the folder can be used for small local special eyelash curler.
Step 2
2. Carefully remove the false eyelashes with tweezers. Texture better single box false eyelashes, can be used repeatedly many times, the whole box of more branches of the texture is rough, but the effect is very natural, up to 2-3 times repeated use.








Step 3
3. Both hands carefully pinch the ends of the false eyelashes, curved repeatedly curved, flexible false eyelashes.
Step 4
4. Mirror is right yourself, first with your hands on the eye with false eyelashes than the length.








Step 5
5. Then use a dedicated small scissors to trim the eyelashes, the two more lines cut off, according to the length of the eye and then trim.
Step 6
6. Use tweezers to clamp the false eyelashes, carefully brush the eyelashes with a small brush to the eyelashes on the cable.








Step 7
7. Wait a few seconds, with a tweezers clip on a good plastic false eyelashes in the middle of the first fixed in the middle of the eyelids. Then help adjust the head and tail, fixed.

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