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How To Paste Lower Eyelashes

The same eye makeup, but less lower eyelashes is poor! The original big secret lower eyelashes! Lower eyelashes how to paste?








1. Brushes will be contaminated lower eyelashes I brush off. Draw eyelashes and eye shadow, inevitably contaminated with some dust, to be promptly removed otherwise it will affect the follow-up under the lashes paste effect, it is recommended to use a brush gently brush off eyelashes. Take a hot eyelash eyelash curling front eyelashes, so that the frontal eyelashes appear radial. Pay attention to tactics should be lightweight, fast, so that the frontal eyelashes appear naturally radial, do pay attention to avoid creases, do not come up with “flies feet” Oh.








2. Hot down to the middle of the eyelashes, expanding the eyes of the longitudinal. The eyelash curler will be slowly moved to the middle of the eyelashes, eyelashes and appropriate length to curl the length to create a moving doll effect. Eye-shaped eyelashes outward elongated eye type. Eyelashes can also make up for lack of eye shape? Yes! As long as the end of eyelashes to pay attention to extend the direction and length, you can make up for eye defects on the oh!








3 Edge smear brown eye shadow to enlarge the eyes. Lower eyelashes, of course, have to rely on eye shadow to increase the effect, the method is to apply a little brown eye shadow on the edge of the lower eye to enlarge the eye, brown eye shadow, but manpower essential “big eye magic!” The eye roots smear black eyeliner to make the eyes more God. Lower lashes root gap is also need to fill, quickly pick up the black eyeliner evenly smear, eyeliner texture easier to color in this small area








4. False eyelashes cut off the front and rear ends. Take out our secret weapon false lower eyelashes, combined with their own eye and eyelash characteristics, the false eyelashes trimmed to an appropriate length and width to make it more fit the original eyelashes. Eyelashes cut into a bunch of beam and then began to stick. Lower eyelashes and lashes are not the same, do not take the heavy color line, gently cut into a bundle and then ready to paste.








5 From the end of the eye sticking forward. Note that the paste, light, soft, fast, and other glue will become a transparent color and then paste. Pay attention to the amount of glue. Adjacent spacing 0.2cm sticky a strain. Note that the spacing between each beam and the location of the upper and lower to the same, for a success do not repeatedly paste, wear, damage the eyelashes just do it again.


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